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AFL Tables - Notes

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Some info..
The name of this site is AFL Tables, not RLeague, stats.rleague, rleague stats, or World of Rugby League etc. etc.
Seriously, it's in the title of every page.

Online since 1999, an early version. The less things change, the more they stay the same.

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Until 1989, the Australian Football League was known as the Victorian Football League.
As a result, records are often labeled "VFL/AFL" elsewhere. All data on this website also assumes this tag

Hmmm... did that really happen?..
I make no claim of 100% accuracy with any data on this website.

Jumper numbers are known to have some issues, and there is no provision for using multiple numbers within a season

Player stats have not been rigorously cross-checked, and have omissions as noted below.

I am not the AFL, nor have any connection to them. As such, information on this site should be considered unofficial.
I also reserve the right to present the facts as I see them, or as I deem appropriate or sensible. e.g. the St Kilda-Geelong issue below.
Where winning records are given, the order is W-D-L, rather than W-L-D.
Any corrections gratefully accepted

Game times
All game times are local. Australian Eastern Standard Time also given where it differs from local time. Note that this includes games played in AEDT.

1987 - Rounds 16 & 17 were played over three weeks, the Round 16 ladder is derived from midway through the second week

In seasons that utilised the bye, but did not award competition points for it, teams having the bye in Round 1 will have 0 points and 0.0 percent. This would
place them last on the ladder, below Round 1 losing teams. As this is somewhat unfair, in these cases, the bye teams receive a nominal 100 percent for the
purposes of calculating the Round 1 ladder.

In 1982 and 1985, one off matches were played before Round 1. These results are included in the Round 1 and subsequent ladders.

Scope of player stats
No tackle counts prior to 1987.
Sydney v West Coast, Rd 16, 1987: No tackle count available
NB: Other deficiencies exist and will be documented in due course
Also note these deficiencies may adversely affect some records, which will also be addressed in time
Statistic definitions from the AFL website

Scope of tables - Some tables cut off at a certain number e.g. the top 10, however 11th place may have the same tally as tenth.

1909 - Geelong v St Kilda - Corio Oval. St Kilda won this match but forfeited the
premiership points to Geelong for playing a suspended player.
However this still counts as a St Kilda victory throughout this collection.
Note that this interpretation differs from the official AFL position who count it as a Geelong win

1991-1994 - During these seasons, the competition comprised of 15 teams, hence byes were required. As the bye did not
receive competition points, the traditional ranked-by-points ladder would favour teams having less byes. As a result, the ladder was
ordered by "match ratio" i.e. (actual competition points)*100 / (possible competition points)

1994 - North Melbourne v Hawthorn - 2nd Qual. Final. This game went into extra time.
The score at fulltime was N.M. 12.19 (91), Haw. 13.13 (91)

1996 - Essendon v St Kilda - Waverley Park. With 4m 48s of the 3rd quarter remaining, the ground lighting failed
and was unable to be restored. The score at this time serves as the 3/4 time score, even though the quarter had not finished.
The balance of the match was then played the following Tuesday - however new teams were selected.
As a result 26 players turned out for Essendon, 25 for St. Kilda. 17,590 attended the second phase of the match, however this figure is currently
not included in attendance figures.

1997 - The Brisbane Lions are considered a new team, statistically distinct from its co-founders, the Brisbane Bears and the Fitzroy Lions

2006 - St Kilda v Fremantle - York Park. The original score in this game was 94-94, after St Kilda had kicked the levelling behind after the siren
On appeal this behind was disallowed, and result changed to a 94-93 Fremantle victory

2007 - Collingwood v West Coast - 2nd Semi Final. This game went into extra time.
The score at fulltime was WCE 10.12 (72), Coll. 10.12 (72)

2013 - Prior to Round 23, Essendon were relegated to ninth place.
Their 2013 results and competiton points remained intact

Many people have contributed over the years, here are just a few of them
Mr RipperFor crowd figures 1987-2000
Graeme & the BigFooty communityFor guernsey numbers 1994-2002
Mark and RobertFor wrangling of much Brownlow data
TobyFor corrections of many obscure details
Paul C.For corrections of many obscure details
Michael R.For crowd figures
Ron M.For coach data
Player stats prior to 1992 would not have appeared but for the work of these upstanding citizens
"Jayzel"Procurement of match stats 1965-1978
Nicholas D.1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985
Ian O.1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990
John T.1991,1981
Jeremy W.1990, 1991
John K.1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997 frees
Dan L.1984
Michael C.1991
Mike V.1991
Don P.1991
Tom R.1991
Ron M.1991
Ryan P.1991
Dale A.1991
Brian M.1991
James G.1990
Stephen H.1990
Mick J.1990
Jason K.1990
Andrew D.1990
Matthew F.1985
Bradley H.1975
And big cheers to everyone else who has provided data, corrections, encouragement and praise. Positive feedback is what has kept the site up and running for over a decade.

Sources and cross checks:
Every Game Ever Played, 1995
Every AFL/VFL Player since 1897, 2002
History of the Brownlow Medal : fairest and best, 1997

Newspapers and magazines
The Herald-Sun
The Age
The Sun News-Pictorial
Inside Football
Football Record
Sunday Press
Sunday Observer


Footy Works
Footy Facts

And of course, what makes it all possible:
James Stewart and the World Of Rugby League for providing the web space