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AFL Tables - Fremantle Goalkicking Records

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Fremantle Goalkicking Records

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Leading Goalkicker
YearHome & AwayComplete
2014Michael Walters 4  
2013Michael Walters 40Michael Walters 46
2012Matthew Pavlich 62Matthew Pavlich 69
2011Kepler Bradley 25Kepler Bradley 25
Chris Mayne 25Chris Mayne 25
2010Matthew Pavlich 54Matthew Pavlich 61
2009Matthew Pavlich 28Matthew Pavlich 28
2008Matthew Pavlich 67Matthew Pavlich 67
2007Matthew Pavlich 72Matthew Pavlich 72
2006Matthew Pavlich 63Matthew Pavlich 71
2005Matthew Pavlich 61Matthew Pavlich 61
2004Paul Medhurst 41Paul Medhurst 41
2003Paul Medhurst 48Paul Medhurst 50
2002Trent Croad 42Trent Croad 42
2001Matthew Pavlich 28Matthew Pavlich 28
Justin Longmuir 28Justin Longmuir 28
2000Clive Waterhouse 53Clive Waterhouse 53
1999Tony Modra 71Tony Modra 71
1998Clive Waterhouse 30Clive Waterhouse 30
1997Kingsley Hunter 32Kingsley Hunter 32
1996Kingsley Hunter 33Kingsley Hunter 33
1995Peter Mann 33Peter Mann 33
Most Goals in a Game
10Tony ModraMelbourneR10, 1999, M.C.G.
9Matthew PavlichCarltonR16, 2005, M.C.G.
9Paul MedhurstBrisbane LionsR9, 2004, Subiaco
8Matthew PavlichWest CoastR19, 2012, Subiaco
8Matthew PavlichNorth MelbourneR12, 2008, Subiaco
8Matthew PavlichAdelaideR14, 2005, Football Park
8John HuttonSydneyR6, 1995, W.A.C.A.
7Matthew PavlichGreater Western SydneyR17, 2012, Subiaco
7Jeff FarmerMelbourneR6, 2005, M.C.G.
7Paul MedhurstCarltonR10, 2003, Subiaco
7Trent CroadMelbourneR8, 2002, Subiaco
7Tony ModraRichmondR4, 2000, Docklands
7Clive WaterhouseWest CoastR21, 2000, Subiaco
7Kingsley HunterCollingwoodR15, 1997, Victoria Park
6Matthew PavlichRichmondR11, 2012, M.C.G.
6Matthew PavlichWestern BulldogsR15, 2012, Subiaco
6Matthew PavlichGeelongEF, 2012, M.C.G.
6Hayden BallantyneWest CoastR18, 2010, Subiaco
6Matthew PavlichEssendonR14, 2008, Subiaco
6Matthew PavlichMelbourneR4, 2007, M.C.G.
6Matthew PavlichEssendonR19, 2007, Subiaco
6Matthew PavlichSt KildaR5, 2006, York Park
6Matthew PavlichNorth MelbourneR8, 2006, Subiaco
6Jeff FarmerCollingwoodR15, 2006, M.C.G.
6Jeff FarmerPort AdelaideR22, 2006, Subiaco
6Matthew PavlichCollingwoodR7, 2005, Subiaco
6Justin LongmuirMelbourneR9, 2003, M.C.G.
6Clive WaterhouseCarltonR9, 2000, Subiaco
6Tony ModraEssendonR18, 2000, Docklands
6Tony ModraPort AdelaideR2, 1999, Football Park
6Tony ModraSydneyR6, 1999, S.C.G.
6Tony ModraGeelongR7, 1999, Subiaco
6Tony ModraCollingwoodR8, 1999, M.C.G.
6Tony ModraWest CoastR16, 1999, Subiaco
6Winston AbrahamSydneyR6, 1995, W.A.C.A.
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