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AFL Tables - Geelong Goalkicking Records

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Geelong Goalkicking Records

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Leading Goalkicker
YearHome & AwayComplete
2014Jimmy Bartel 6  
2013Tom Hawkins 46Tom Hawkins 49
2012Tom Hawkins 62Tom Hawkins 62
2011James Podsiadly 46James Podsiadly 52
2010Steve Johnson 57Steve Johnson 63
2009Cameron Mooney 41Cameron Mooney 46
2008Steve Johnson 49Steve Johnson 53
2007Cameron Mooney 55Cameron Mooney 67
2006Gary Ablett 35Gary Ablett 35
2005Kent Kingsley 56Kent Kingsley 57
2004Kent Kingsley 44Kent Kingsley 48
2003Kent Kingsley 33Kent Kingsley 33
2002Kent Kingsley 57Kent Kingsley 57
2001Ronnie Burns 33Ronnie Burns 33
Ben Graham 33Ben Graham 33
2000Ronnie Burns 38Ronnie Burns 39
   David Mensch 39
1999Ronnie Burns 34Ronnie Burns 34
1998Ronnie Burns 35Ronnie Burns 35
Brett Spinks 35Brett Spinks 35
1997Ronnie Burns 49Ronnie Burns 50
1996Gary Ablett 68Gary Ablett 69
1995Gary Ablett 118Gary Ablett 122
1994Gary Ablett 113Gary Ablett 129
1993Gary Ablett 124Gary Ablett 124
1992Bill Brownless 60Bill Brownless 79
1991Bill Brownless 71Bill Brownless 81
1990Gary Ablett 75Gary Ablett 75
1989Gavin Exell 62Gary Ablett 87
1988Gary Ablett 82Gary Ablett 82
1987Bruce Lindner 62Bruce Lindner 62
1986Gary Ablett 65Gary Ablett 65
1985Gary Ablett 82Gary Ablett 82
1984Mark Jackson 74Mark Jackson 74
1983Terry Bright 26Terry Bright 26
1982Michael Turner 40Michael Turner 40
1981Terry Bright 48Terry Bright 48
1980Terry Bright 55Terry Bright 59
1979David Clarke 40David Clarke 40
1978Larry Donohue 94Larry Donohue 95
1977Larry Donohue 63Larry Donohue 63
1976Larry Donohue 99Larry Donohue 105
1975Ian Nankervis 29Ian Nankervis 29
Larry Donohue 29Larry Donohue 29
1974Paul Sarah 32Paul Sarah 32
1973David Clarke 45David Clarke 45
1972Doug Wade 90Doug Wade 90
1971Doug Wade 94Doug Wade 94
1970Doug Wade 74Doug Wade 74
1969Doug Wade 122Doug Wade 127
1968Doug Wade 56Doug Wade 64
1967Doug Wade 79Doug Wade 96
1966Doug Wade 50Doug Wade 52
1965Gareth Andrews 32Gareth Andrews 35
1964Doug Wade 37Doug Wade 41
1963Doug Wade 44Doug Wade 48
1962Doug Wade 62Doug Wade 68
1961Doug Wade 51Doug Wade 51
1960Fred Wooller 29Fred Wooller 29
1959Fred Wooller 27Fred Wooller 27
1958Neil Trezise 27Neil Trezise 27
1957Fred Wooller 56Fred Wooller 56
1956Noel Rayson 40Noel Rayson 41
1955Noel Rayson 77Noel Rayson 80
1954Fred Flanagan 54Fred Flanagan 55
1953George Goninon 64George Goninon 65
1952George Goninon 52George Goninon 59
1951George Goninon 71George Goninon 86
1950George Goninon 37George Goninon 45
1949Lindsay White 53Lindsay White 53
1948Lindsay White 86Lindsay White 86
1947Lindsay White 76Lindsay White 76
1946Russell Renfrey 28Russell Renfrey 28
1945Vic Nankervis 43Vic Nankervis 43
1944Lindsay White 60Lindsay White 60
1941Lindsay White 67Lindsay White 67
1940Jack Grant 46Jack Grant 47
1939Norm Glenister 36Norm Glenister 36
1938Clyde Helmer 66Clyde Helmer 74
1937Jack Metherell 59Jack Metherell 71
1936Jack Metherell 58Jack Metherell 58
1935Jack Evans 32Jack Evans 32
1934Jack Metherell 44Jack Metherell 45
1933George Moloney 62George Moloney 68
1932George Moloney 109George Moloney 109
1931George Moloney 68George Moloney 74
1930Bill Kuhlken 50Bill Kuhlken 57
1929Jack Plunkett 29Jack Plunkett 29
1928Jack Chambers 28Jack Chambers 28
1927Lloyd Hagger 55Lloyd Hagger 55
1926Lloyd Hagger 56Lloyd Hagger 56
1925Lloyd Hagger 70Lloyd Hagger 78
1924Lloyd Hagger 42Lloyd Hagger 42
1923Cliff Rankin 43Cliff Rankin 43
1922Cliff Rankin 42Cliff Rankin 42
1921Cliff Rankin 61Cliff Rankin 63
1920Cliff Rankin 48Cliff Rankin 48
1919Percy Martini 19Percy Martini 19
1918Percy Martini 24Percy Martini 24
1917Percy Martini 23Percy Martini 23
1915Tom Brownlees 25Tom Brownlees 25
1914Percy Martini 44Percy Martini 45
1913Percy Martini 46Percy Martini 46
1912Percy Martini 39Percy Martini 41
1911Percy Martini 40Percy Martini 40
1910Percy Martini 51Percy Martini 51
1909Percy Martini 17Percy Martini 17
1908Tom Hardiman 25Tom Hardiman 25
1907Tom Sherry 18Tom Sherry 18
1906Les Roebuck 21Les Roebuck 21
1905Ike Woods 19Ike Woods 19
1904Ike Woods 20Ike Woods 20
1903Ike Woods 32Ike Woods 34
1902Ike Woods 16Ike Woods 16
1901Charlie Coles 24Charlie Coles 24
1900Teddy Lockwood 24Teddy Lockwood 24
1899Eddy James 31Eddy James 31
1898Eddy James 26Eddy James 26
1897Eddy James 22Eddy James 27
Most Goals in a Game
14Gary AblettSydneyR8, 1994, S.C.G.
14Gary AblettEssendonR6, 1993, M.C.G.
14Gary AblettRichmondR9, 1989, M.C.G.
13Doug WadeNorth MelbourneR20, 1971, Kardinia Park
13Doug WadeSydneyR17, 1967, Lake Oval
12Gary AblettRichmondR8, 1993, Kardinia Park
12Gary AblettRichmondR20, 1990, M.C.G.
12George MoloneySt KildaR2, 1931, Corio Oval
11Gary AblettMelbourneR15, 1993, M.C.G.
11Bill BrownlessBrisbane BearsR4, 1991, Gabba
11Gary AblettBrisbane BearsR10, 1988, Carrara
11Doug WadeRichmondR13, 1972, M.C.G.
11Doug WadeWestern BulldogsR16, 1969, Kardinia Park
11George GoninonRichmondR5, 1953, Punt Rd
11George GoninonCollingwoodSF, 1951, M.C.G.
11Lindsay WhiteSt KildaR10, 1948, Kardinia Park
11George MoloneyFitzroyR16, 1932, Corio Oval
11Lloyd HaggerCarltonR4, 1927, Corio Oval
11Jim McShaneSt KildaR17, 1899, Corio Oval
10Gary AblettMelbourneR16, 1994, Kardinia Park
10Gary AblettAdelaideR13, 1993, Football Park
10Gary AblettNorth MelbourneR18, 1993, M.C.G.
10Gary AblettFitzroyR3, 1990, Kardinia Park
10Gary AblettRichmondR4, 1988, M.C.G.
10Lindsay WhiteHawthornR1, 1950, Glenferrie Oval
10Lindsay WhiteCarltonR19, 1947, Kardinia Park
10Jack MetherellEssendonR9, 1936, Corio Oval
10Lou DailySt KildaR1, 1934, Corio Oval
10George MoloneyMelbourneR15, 1932, Corio Oval
10Cliff RankinFitzroyR14, 1921, Corio Oval
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