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AFL Tables - North Melbourne Goalkicking Records

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North Melbourne Goalkicking Records

[Most Goals in a Game]

Leading Goalkicker
YearHome & AwayComplete
2014Brent Harvey 4  
Lindsay Thomas 4  
2013Lindsay Thomas 53Lindsay Thomas 53
2012Drew Petrie 57Drew Petrie 58
2011Drew Petrie 48Drew Petrie 48
2010Lindsay Thomas 29Lindsay Thomas 29
2009Drew Petrie 27Drew Petrie 27
2008David Hale 35David Hale 37
2007Corey Jones 46Corey Jones 46
2006Nathan Thompson 54Nathan Thompson 54
2005Nathan Thompson 50Nathan Thompson 52
2004Saverio Rocca 49Saverio Rocca 49
2003Leigh Harding 33Leigh Harding 33
2002Saverio Rocca 49Saverio Rocca 50
2001Saverio Rocca 48Saverio Rocca 48
2000Wayne Carey 62Wayne Carey 69
1999Wayne Carey 65Wayne Carey 76
1998Wayne Carey 73Wayne Carey 80
1997Craig Sholl 36Brett Allison 43
1996Wayne Carey 75Wayne Carey 82
1995Wayne Carey 59Wayne Carey 65
1994John Longmire 72John Longmire 78
1993John Longmire 75John Longmire 75
1992John Longmire 64John Longmire 64
1991John Longmire 91John Longmire 91
1990John Longmire 98John Longmire 98
1989Ian Fairley 28Ian Fairley 28
1988Jim Krakouer 35Jim Krakouer 35
1987Phil Krakouer 41Phil Krakouer 43
1986Jim Krakouer 32Jim Krakouer 32
1985Phil Krakouer 33Phil Krakouer 35
1984Donald McDonald 38Donald McDonald 38
1983Phil Krakouer 43Phil Krakouer 44
   Jim Krakouer 44
1982Malcolm Blight 94Malcolm Blight 103
1981Malcolm Blight 70Malcolm Blight 70
1980Arnold Briedis 50Arnold Briedis 53
1979Ross Glendinning 58Malcolm Blight 60
1978Malcolm Blight 76Malcolm Blight 77
1977Brent Crosswell 36Brent Crosswell 42
1976Wayne Schimmelbusch 35Wayne Schimmelbusch 43
1975Doug Wade 41Doug Wade 47
1974Doug Wade 91Doug Wade 103
1973Doug Wade 73Doug Wade 73
1972Vin Doolan 19Vin Doolan 19
Sam Kekovich 19Sam Kekovich 19
1971Sam Kekovich 35Sam Kekovich 35
1970Garry Farrant 32Garry Farrant 32
1969Sam Kekovich 56Sam Kekovich 56
1968Doug Farrant 35Doug Farrant 35
1967Garry Farrant 26Garry Farrant 26
1966Frank Goode 49Frank Goode 49
1965Frank Goode 38Frank Goode 38
1964John Dugdale 46John Dugdale 46
1963John Dugdale 30John Dugdale 30
1962John Dugdale 44John Dugdale 44
1961John Dugdale 47John Dugdale 47
1960John Dugdale 38John Dugdale 38
1959Peter Schofield 47Peter Schofield 47
1958John Dugdale 53John Dugdale 57
1957John Dugdale 37John Dugdale 37
1956Jock Spencer 40Jock Spencer 40
1955Jock Spencer 68Jock Spencer 68
1954Jock Spencer 37Jock Spencer 38
1953Gerald Marchesi 49Gerald Marchesi 49
1952Jock Spencer 51Jock Spencer 51
1951Jock Spencer 57Jock Spencer 57
1950Jock Spencer 76Jock Spencer 86
1949Jock Spencer 57Jock Spencer 65
1948Don Condon 38Don Condon 38
1947Syd Dyer 47Syd Dyer 47
1946Syd Dyer 55Syd Dyer 55
1945Bill Findlay 45Bill Findlay 49
1944Bill Findlay 55Bill Findlay 55
1943Bill Findlay 43Bill Findlay 43
1942Sel Murray 42Sel Murray 42
1941Sel Murray 88Sel Murray 88
1940Sel Murray 58Sel Murray 58
1939Sel Murray 78Sel Murray 78
1938Sel Murray 56Sel Murray 56
1937Stewart Anderson 18Stewart Anderson 18
1936Dudley Cassidy 48Dudley Cassidy 48
1935John Lewis 23John Lewis 23
1934Tom Fitzmaurice 63Tom Fitzmaurice 63
1933Tom Fitzmaurice 60Tom Fitzmaurice 60
1932Tom Fitzmaurice 62Tom Fitzmaurice 62
1931John Lewis 25John Lewis 25
1930Bob Mathews 29Bob Mathews 29
1929John Dowling 28John Dowling 28
1928Clarrie Nolan 24Clarrie Nolan 24
1927Charles Tyson 23Charles Tyson 23
1926Fred Metcalf 26Fred Metcalf 26
1925Joe Wood 27Joe Wood 27
Most Goals in a Game
14John LongmireMelbourneR14, 1990, M.C.G.
12John LongmireRichmondR2, 1990, M.C.G.
11Wayne CareyMelbourneR17, 1996, M.C.G.
11Malcolm BlightWestern BulldogsR17, 1981, Western Oval
11Jock SpencerSydneyR16, 1950, Lake Oval
10Wayne CareyEssendonR17, 1999, M.C.G.
10Adrian McAdamSydneyR6, 1993, Princes Park
10Kerry GoodMelbourneR20, 1981, Arden St
10Ross GlendinningMelbourneR9, 1979, M.C.G.
10Sam KekovichSydneyR12, 1974, Arden St
10Jock SpencerSydneyR15, 1951, Lake Oval
9Wayne CareyGeelongR16, 1999, S.C.G.
9John LongmireSydneyR6, 1993, Princes Park
9Adrian McAdamCollingwoodR10, 1993, Victoria Park
9John LongmireRichmondR14, 1991, M.C.G.
9Kerry GoodMelbourneR10, 1981, Waverley Park
9Darryl SuttonSt KildaR11, 1980, Moorabbin Oval
9Jock SpencerCarltonR2, 1950, Princes Park
9Syd DyerHawthornR6, 1944, Arden St
9Sel MurrayWestern BulldogsR10, 1939, Arden St
9Sel MurrayCollingwoodR17, 1938, Victoria Park
9Frank CrapperSt KildaR6, 1936, Junction Oval
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