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AFL Tables - Melbourne Goalkicking Records

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Melbourne Goalkicking Records

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Leading Goalkicker
YearHome & AwayComplete
2014Shannon Byrnes 4  
2013Jeremy Howe 28Jeremy Howe 28
2012Mitch Clark 29Mitch Clark 29
2011Liam Jurrah 40Liam Jurrah 40
2010Brad Green 55Brad Green 55
2009Russell Robertson 29Russell Robertson 29
2008Brad Miller 26Brad Miller 26
2007Russell Robertson 42Russell Robertson 42
2006David Neitz 61David Neitz 68
2005Russell Robertson 69Russell Robertson 73
2004David Neitz 69David Neitz 69
2003David Neitz 65David Neitz 65
2002David Neitz 75David Neitz 82
2001Russell Robertson 42Russell Robertson 42
2000Jeff Farmer 65Jeff Farmer 76
1999David Neitz 46David Neitz 46
1998Garry Lyon 37Jeff Farmer 47
1997Jeff Farmer 30Jeff Farmer 30
David Neitz 30David Neitz 30
1996David Neitz 56David Neitz 56
1995Garry Lyon 77Garry Lyon 77
1994Garry Lyon 64Garry Lyon 79
1993Allen Jakovich 39Allen Jakovich 39
1992Allen Jakovich 40Allen Jakovich 40
1991Allen Jakovich 59Allen Jakovich 71
1990Darren Bennett 81Darren Bennett 87
1989Darren Bennett 28Darren Bennett 34
1988Ricky Jackson 36Ricky Jackson 43
1987Robert Flower 38Robert Flower 47
1986Greg Healy 35Greg Healy 35
1985Brian Wilson 40Brian Wilson 40
1984Kelvin Templeton 51Kelvin Templeton 51
1983Robert Flower 40Robert Flower 40
1982Gerard Healy 77Gerard Healy 77
1981Mark Jackson 76Mark Jackson 76
1980Brent Crosswell 31Brent Crosswell 31
1979Robert Flower 33Robert Flower 33
1978Henry Coles 33Henry Coles 33
1977Ross Brewer 26Ross Brewer 26
1976Ray Biffin 47Ray Biffin 47
1975Greg Wells 32Greg Wells 32
1974Ross Brewer 40Ross Brewer 40
1973Ross Brewer 32Ross Brewer 32
1972Greg Parke 63Greg Parke 63
1971Paul Callery 38Paul Callery 38
1970Ross Dillon 41Ross Dillon 41
1969Ross Dillon 48Ross Dillon 48
1968Hassa Mann 29Hassa Mann 29
1967Hassa Mann 38Hassa Mann 38
1966Barrie Vagg 20Barrie Vagg 20
1965John Townsend 34John Townsend 34
1964Graeme Jacobs 33John Townsend 35
1963Barry Bourke 42Barry Bourke 48
1962Laurie Mithen 34Laurie Mithen 37
1961Bob Johnson 35Bob Johnson 36
1960Ian Ridley 36Ian Ridley 38
1959Ron Barassi 40Ron Barassi 46
1958Athol Webb 42Athol Webb 44
   Ron Barassi 44
1957Athol Webb 49Athol Webb 56
1956Ian Ridley 38Bob Johnson 43
1955Stuart Spencer 29Stuart Spencer 34
1954Noel Clarke 41Noel Clarke 51
1953Robert McKenzie 38Robert McKenzie 38
1952Noel Clarke 49Noel Clarke 49
1951Robert McKenzie 40Robert McKenzie 40
1950Denis Cordner 33Denis Cordner 36
1949Robert McKenzie 40Robert McKenzie 40
1948Lance Arnold 37Lance Arnold 41
1947Fred Fanning 97Fred Fanning 97
1946Fred Fanning 55Jack Mueller 58
1945Fred Fanning 67Fred Fanning 67
1944Fred Fanning 87Fred Fanning 87
1943Fred Fanning 62Fred Fanning 62
1942Fred Fanning 37Fred Fanning 37
1941Norm Smith 85Norm Smith 89
1940Norm Smith 75Norm Smith 86
1939Norm Smith 50Norm Smith 54
1938Norm Smith 80Norm Smith 80
1937Ron Baggott 47Ron Baggott 51
1936Eric Glass 50Eric Glass 56
1935Maurie Gibb 59Maurie Gibb 59
1934Jack Mueller 52Jack Mueller 52
1933Bob Johnson 62Bob Johnson 62
1932George Margitich 60George Margitich 60
1931George Margitich 66George Margitich 66
1930George Margitich 73George Margitich 73
1929Dick Taylor 30Dick Taylor 30
1928Bob Johnson 46Bob Johnson 55
1927Harry Davie 40Harry Davie 40
1926Harry Davie 50Harry Moyes 55
1925Harry Davie 54Harry Davie 56
1924Percy Tulloh 24Percy Tulloh 24
1923Percy Tulloh 31Percy Tulloh 31
1922Harry Harker 47Harry Harker 47
1921Harry Harker 47Harry Harker 47
1920Harry Harker 23Harry Harker 23
1919George Heinz 15George Heinz 15
1915Roy Park 35Roy Park 35
1914Arthur Best 30Arthur Best 30
1913Mick Maguire 13Mick Maguire 13
1912Harry Brereton 56Harry Brereton 56
1911Harry Brereton 46Harry Brereton 46
1910Stan Fairbairn 24Stan Fairbairn 24
1909Harry Brereton 34Harry Brereton 34
1908Vin Coutie 37Vin Coutie 37
1907Jack Leith 21Jack Leith 21
1906Basil Onyons 16Basil Onyons 16
1905Harry Cordner 16Harry Cordner 16
1904Vin Coutie 39Vin Coutie 39
1903Vin Coutie 19Vin Coutie 19
1902Jack Leith 24Jack Leith 26
1901Frank Langley 17Frank Langley 17
1900Tommy Ryan 23Tommy Ryan 24
1899Jack Leith 21Jack Leith 21
1898Charlie Young 21Charlie Young 21
1897Jack Leith 22Jack Leith 26
Most Goals in a Game
18Fred FanningSt KildaR19, 1947, Junction Oval
13Harry DavieCarltonR14, 1925, Princes Park
12Norm SmithWestern BulldogsR17, 1941, M.C.G.
12Bob JohnsonHawthornR11, 1933, M.C.G.
12George MargitichNorth MelbourneR17, 1931, M.C.G.
11Allen JakovichNorth MelbourneR20, 1991, M.C.G.
11Fred FanningGeelongR4, 1944, Kardinia Park
11Fred FanningHawthornR11, 1944, Glenferrie Oval
11Fred FanningWestern BulldogsR12, 1943, Punt Rd
11George MargitichEssendonR9, 1930, M.C.G.
10Garry LyonWestern BulldogsSF, 1994, M.C.G.
10Fred FanningSt KildaR8, 1947, M.C.G.
10Fred FanningWestern BulldogsR18, 1947, Western Oval
10George MargitichCollingwoodR18, 1933, Victoria Park
10Harry HarkerGeelongR18, 1921, M.C.G.
9David NeitzRichmondR2, 2004, M.C.G.
9David NeitzCarltonR15, 2002, Docklands
9Jeff FarmerCollingwoodR14, 2000, M.C.G.
9David SchwarzSydneyR24, 1994, S.C.G.
9Allen JakovichCollingwoodR11, 1993, M.C.G.
9David WilliamsNorth MelbourneR21, 1986, M.C.G.
9Robert WaltersEssendonR18, 1979, M.C.G.
9Fred FanningRichmondR4, 1947, Punt Rd
9Fred FanningCollingwoodR5, 1947, M.C.G.
9Fred FanningCollingwoodR6, 1944, Victoria Park
9Maurie GibbGeelongR2, 1935, Corio Oval
9Maurie GibbNorth MelbourneR7, 1935, Arden St
9Allan La FontaineHawthornR2, 1934, M.C.G.
9Bob JohnsonNorth MelbourneR4, 1929, Arden St
9Bob JohnsonRichmondR1, 1927, M.C.G.
9Harry DavieRichmondR5, 1926, M.C.G.
9Harry BreretonGeelongR7, 1909, M.C.G.
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