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AFL Tables - University Goalkicking Records

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University Goalkicking Records

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Leading Goalkicker
YearHome & AwayComplete
1914Roy Park 36Roy Park 36
1913Roy Park 53Roy Park 53
1912Roy Park 22Roy Park 22
1911Bert Hartkopf 19Bert Hartkopf 19
1910Bert Hartkopf 30Bert Hartkopf 30
1909Bert Hartkopf 19Bert Hartkopf 19
1908Martin Ratz 25Martin Ratz 25
Most Goals in a Game
5Roy ParkCarltonR12, 1914, Princes Park
5Roy ParkSt KildaR3, 1913, M.C.G.
5Roy ParkCarltonR5, 1913, M.C.G.
5Roy ParkSydneyR8, 1913, M.C.G.
5Roy ParkCollingwoodR15, 1913, Victoria Park
5Roy ParkRichmondR18, 1913, Punt Rd
5Roy ParkFitzroyR14, 1912, M.C.G.
5Dave CummingGeelongR18, 1911, M.C.G.
5Bert HartkopfGeelongR14, 1909, Corio Oval
5Martin RatzGeelongR17, 1908, East Melbourne
4Roy ParkCarltonR3, 1914, M.C.G.
4Roy ParkGeelongR4, 1914, M.C.G.
4Roy ParkMelbourneR2, 1913, M.C.G.
4Roy ParkEssendonR7, 1913, East Melbourne
4Roy ParkSt KildaR12, 1913, Junction Oval
4Roy ParkSydneyR17, 1913, Lake Oval
4Dave CummingEssendonR10, 1912, M.C.G.
4Roy ParkCarltonR18, 1912, Princes Park
4Bert HartkopfGeelongR9, 1911, Corio Oval
4Martin RatzGeelongR4, 1910, Corio Oval
4Martin RatzFitzroyR7, 1910, East Melbourne
4Pat MorrisseyEssendonR11, 1910, East Melbourne
4Bert HartkopfRichmondR12, 1910, Punt Rd
4Edgar KneenRichmondR12, 1910, Punt Rd
4Bert HartkopfGeelongR13, 1910, East Melbourne
4Bert HartkopfEssendonR4, 1909, East Melbourne
4Frank BoyntonFitzroyR9, 1909, East Melbourne
4Bert HartkopfSt KildaR12, 1909, East Melbourne
4Martin RatzRichmondR2, 1908, East Melbourne
4Edgar KneenSydneyR14, 1908, East Melbourne
4Bert HartkopfFitzroyR16, 1908, Brunswick St
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