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AFL Tables - West Coast Goalkicking Records

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West Coast Goalkicking Records

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Leading Goalkicker
YearHome & AwayComplete
2014Jack Darling 7  
Mark LeCras 7  
2013Josh Kennedy 60Josh Kennedy 60
2012Jack Darling 47Jack Darling 53
2011Josh Kennedy 52Josh Kennedy 59
2010Mark LeCras 63Mark LeCras 63
2009Mark LeCras 58Mark LeCras 58
2008Ben McKinley 42Ben McKinley 42
2007Quinten Lynch 49Quinten Lynch 52
2006Quinten Lynch 53Quinten Lynch 65
2005Phillip Matera 38Phillip Matera 38
2004Phillip Matera 61Phillip Matera 61
2003Phillip Matera 62Phillip Matera 62
2002Phillip Matera 46Phillip Matera 46
2001Troy Wilson 40Troy Wilson 40
2000Phillip Matera 49Phillip Matera 49
1999Scott Cummings 88Scott Cummings 95
1998Fraser Gehrig 41Fraser Gehrig 42
1997Peter Sumich 32Peter Sumich 33
1996Mitchell White 34Mitchell White 37
1995Jason Ball 48Jason Ball 48
1994Peter Sumich 42Peter Sumich 49
1993Peter Sumich 72Peter Sumich 76
1992Peter Sumich 64Peter Sumich 82
1991Peter Sumich 94Peter Sumich 111
1990Peter Sumich 76Peter Sumich 90
1989Peter Sumich 45Peter Sumich 45
1988Ross Glendinning 68Ross Glendinning 73
1987Ross Glendinning 38Ross Glendinning 38
Most Goals in a Game
14Scott CummingsAdelaideR4, 2000, W.A.C.A.
13Peter SumichWestern BulldogsR13, 1991, W.A.C.A.
12Mark LeCrasEssendonR16, 2010, Docklands
11Peter SumichEssendonR15, 1992, M.C.G.
10Josh KennedyWestern BulldogsR9, 2011, Subiaco
10Scott CummingsFremantleR6, 2000, Subiaco
8Quinten LynchBrisbane LionsR20, 2006, Gabba
8Scott CummingsCarltonR10, 1999, Subiaco
8Peter SumichCarltonR24, 1992, Subiaco
8Peter SumichGeelongSF, 1992, M.C.G.
8Peter SumichGeelongR6, 1991, Waverley Park
8Peter SumichSydneyR5, 1990, Subiaco
8Peter SumichWestern BulldogsR12, 1989, W.A.C.A.
7Josh KennedyWestern BulldogsR1, 2012, Docklands
7Ben McKinleyEssendonR19, 2008, Subiaco
7Quinten LynchRichmondR20, 2007, Subiaco
7Phillip MateraSt KildaR3, 2003, Subiaco
7Troy WilsonSt KildaR3, 2001, Docklands
7Scott CummingsCollingwoodR3, 1999, Victoria Park
7Scott CummingsAdelaideR8, 1999, Subiaco
7Scott CummingsCollingwoodR18, 1999, W.A.C.A.
7Peter MateraEssendonR13, 1998, M.C.G.
7Peter SumichHawthornR4, 1997, Subiaco
7Peter SumichEssendonR1, 1993, Subiaco
7Brett HeadyWestern BulldogsR8, 1992, Subiaco
7Peter SumichNorth MelbourneR4, 1991, W.A.C.A.
7Brett HeadySt KildaR15, 1991, Subiaco
7Phil ScottEssendonR1, 1989, W.A.C.A.
7Ross GlendinningWestern BulldogsR5, 1988, W.A.C.A.
7Don HolmesBrisbane BearsR20, 1987, Carrara
7Chris LewisSt KildaR22, 1987, Subiaco
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